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Transformational Yin Yoga Intensive 

Jan. 7th 8th 9th & 10th 2016


with Lek Kittikunaudul 


Energy is everything!

When you can understand how to move energy the world is yours! 

It’s all about how to reconnect with oneself and our ones potential.


When the energy flows, life blossoms.  


In this Yin Yoga Intensive, we will learn about the movement of "emotional Qi"  and "muscular energy". 

This will get us going and help us turn our thoughts into reality. 


Yin Yoga is not just about the fancy poses, it’s life transformation, which takes place from deep within.

Reconnect your soul and body, and heal what is broken. Bring back what is lost and be whole once again.  

Yin and Yang are moving from one to another in a circle of completion to encourage healing. 

This Yin yoga intensive will help you bring balance to your practice.


Yin Yoga is not just stretching but it is life transformation.  

Join us this January in discovering a deeper understanding of Yin Yoga and experience how it affects your body and mind. 


Energy is everything! 


Qi is also a form of energy that runs within us and drives fluids throughout our bodies. 

We will explore our understand how Qi Energy works?  
We will introduce benificial ways to create space in the body so the energy can flow and move.

When this happens then the healing can be effective. 

By working with Yin Yoga it allows us to access the deep tissue in our bodies. 

This intesive will bring you to a new understanding of Yin Yoga and help you to connect with your body deeper than before.

This 4 days Intensive training will change the way you practice yoga as it broadens your understanding of your body and helps you release tension and emotions from tissues and from life.

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