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Flowing the Stream of Ayurvedic Yoga

Principles of Ayurveda in Motion

Wild Rose Yoga Studio

Chiang Mai Thailand

Jan. 6th - 11th 2018    40 Hours 6 Days

Yoga offers a strong stable way to become more attuned through all  expressions of movement and stillness, whether that be of the body or the contours of the mind. In a simplistic way, yoga teaches us the methods for perception and growth while Ayurveda teaches us how to perceive and then apply these techniques for growth.


In this comprehensive 6 day Ayurvedic Yoga Course, we will explore how Yoga and Ayurveda work synergistically together. By the end of the 6th day you will feel literate in body and mind movement both in yourself and those around you.

You will gain tools to learn how to decrease what is in excess and increase what is in depletion using 5 sense therapies and sequences of asana.

You will become more fluent in Prana and see it in its fullness while getting to know it in nuance.

Each morning we will start with a 2 hour yoga asana practice geared around the daily topic. After class we will take a break and providing time for reflections and note taking on what you observed, felt, and want to clarify.

Our afternoon sessions will begin with a focus on discussing and relating Ayurvedic principles into the yoga experience and the focus of the morning yoga class. Afternoon sessions continue with Lecture of Ayurvedic principles in action. Each day will have homework based on the lecture of the previous day.

Asana building based on Marma

5 Vayus
5 Elements
3 Doshas
10 senses
Ego/Mind Development
Sense Therapies based on Brimhana & Langhana Chikitsa
Principles of Ha-Tha Yoga
Universal Vinyasa Flow


“As we embrace our passions and delve into the mystery of life, we unite with the majestic complexity of nature;  and if we follow the signs, this can help us understand who we really are.” ~ Sebastian Pole, Discovering the True You with Ayurveda: How to Nourish, Rejuvenate, and Transform Your Life.

Early Bird Dec. 15th 2017




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