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InnerLife Yoga Course

with Lek

Wild Rose Yoga Studio

Chiang Mai Thailand


Thurs. Jan. 18th - Sun. 21st 2018
8:00 am - 4:30 pm

About InnerLife Yoga Course  ~

InnerLife yoga course is a transformative energetic practice developed by Thai master teacher Lek Kittikunadul in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In it, students are encouraged to do a deep dive exploration into the energetic layers of themselves and use asanas as diagnostic tools to help them locate and work with existing yogic and life blocks.

Yoga “It’s not how your asana looks, it’s how you do the asana that matters.” - Lek Kittikunadal

The core of this yoga practice is to deepen to our own personal needs and connection to self, through awakening connection from mind to breath, muscle to tissue. The practice combines yin posturing with dynamic energetic cueing and stimulating extensions to bring students closer to their inner selves and sources of power.

In this yoga course students learn that advanced asana is not a focus but rather a byproduct of learning to work in harmony with the mind and develop new patterns of understanding the energetic body mind connection.

"Energy is Everything”

As students start to tune into the energetic layers of the body, it becomes easier to glimpse the manifestation of that energy in life outside the mat. By focusing on the release of fascia in yoga asana and gaining an understanding of the workings of the subconscious mind, you come closer to the core of your very being, and begin to be able to transform your manifest reality.

InnerLife yoga principles melds asana and neuroscience transforming the students awareness through asana and personal energetic perspectives.

In This InnerLife InnerFlow you will hone in on the power of the mind and learn to use internal communication to open tissues from the inside out. Principles of Chinese medicine, qi and myofacial visualizations will be utilized to bring you into your own power while energizing the body.

Join us for a 4 Day     24 hour course with Kru Lek ~

Who does this course benefit:

- any person with a yoga practice of at least one year
- yoga teachers who are interested in increasing asana skills and variations of asana to work with the fascia (connective tissues of the body)
- those interested in transformative energetic practice
- students who are considering becoming a yoga teacher

What will you get?

Day 1: Understand InnerLife Principles of working with Connective Tissue. (Thurs. Jan. 18th).

Day 2 :Taoist Principles of Heaven and Earth as they relate to the Body. ( Fri. Jan. 19th).

Day 3 : Understand Eccentric Movement and how it Creates Space in the Body. ( Sat. Jan. 20th).

Day 4 : Integrating InnerLife Principles into Yoga Flow.
- Incorporating InnerLife Principles as a yoga teacher.
- improve efficiency with InnerLife Principles in Your Yoga Practice. (Sun. Jan. 21st).

Key Study:

- Breathing and Holding Energy, Breath to Dantien.
- Yoga teaching class design : from Yin to Yang, from Calm to Dynamic, Practicing Principle of Taosit Yoga
- Taoist Heaven and Earth Principles.
- Understanding the Work of Subconsciousness as they Relate through Muscles and Tissues.
- Remolding and Understanding a New Paradigm of the structure of Asanas.
- Beginners Mind: Returning back to basics Yoga Asanas, Moving towards a diverse understanding of Advance Asanas.
- Integration of InnerLife Principles for Yoga Teachers.

Meet Lek Kittikunadul ~

“When you change the way you see yourself, you change the way the world sees you.”

Lek’s journey to an internationally sought yoga teacher begins in the sin city of Asia, Bangkok. Growing up there amongst a Chinese-Thai family focused on achievement, Lek felt like he was a constant disappointment. He lacked physical strength and did poorly in school and was shamed by his family for his very identity. When he found yoga at the Integral Yoga Institute of San Francisco, he could feel right away a connection and pulse drawing him towards what he loved and needed in his life. He came to yoga with a perfectly open body, but a wounded mind and spirit. He recognized innately a connection between the outer body and the inner world, and through yoga he began to heal his inner body. After the death of his partner he decided to follow his heart and went to India to attend a Teacher Training at Sivananda in Uttharakashi and stayed in northern India for 6 months to experience different yoga styles.

Lek then returned to Asia and studied under Victor Chng who inspired and trained him as a Yin Yoga instructor and his teaching evolved further under the guidance of Angela Farmer and Victor Van Katoon who taught him the delicacy of the inner work of yoga. As he has transformed his inner life, his outer life has transformed as well. He is now internationally recognized for his Innerlife yoga teachings and his transformative take on yin postures. In his classes both in Thailand and abroad, he shares with his students his vast knowledge of the physiology and anatomy of connective tissues. He incorporates philosophy, spiritualism, energy work, subconscious modalities and traditional Chinese medicine into his teachings to help his students holistically transform their lives. His Journey (education and experience) If you visit the northern city of Chiang Mai in Thailand, you will find Lek at work in his home studio and weekly teaching packed classes at the Wild Rose Yoga Studio in the Old city of Chiang Mai.

Lek is well known amongst the yogic community in Thailand for his distinctive InnerLife practice and his intuitive knowledge of the energetic body. He transmits his own learning to individual students with honest and sincere passion to breakthrough the barriers of a clouded subconscious and guide them on a journey back to themselves. His style and transformation have been informed by hatha yoga training, Advanced Hypnotic therapy certification, yin yoga advanced training with Victor Chng and continued trainings with Diane Long, Angela Farmer and Victor Van Katoon. He has been inspired immensely by his study of Vanda Scaravelli, and her work on the awakening of the spine. He has helped open the doors to yogic healing to practitioners in countries around the world and is welcomed at yoga festivals around Asia. He has conducted teacher trainings in Bangkok and Chiang Mai, exposing new teachers to innovative techniques that optimize the way they observe and interact with their students.

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