Atira Tan

   Atira Tan is a qualified expressive art therapist, artist and yoga teacher. She is the founder and director of The Art2Healing Project, a non-profit organization which is committed in assisting and supporting the healing and well-being of trafficked women and children through art therapy in Asia.

Atira has worked internationally in Laos, Thailand, Burma, Cambodia and Nepal, supporting women and children at risk through an integration of movement and art therapies, yoga, ayruveda and meditation. Her passion is working with women of all cultures and ages, and offering dance and art, yoga and meditation as a way to rediscover the unfolding of the feminine spirit and  connecting with the Source of Joy, Love and Empowerment within all beings.

We continually look forward to welcome the return of this beautiful and inspirational women back to the Wild Rose Kula.

"If you just set people in motion they'll heal themselves."-- Gabrielle Roth

Atira also leads Ecstatic Dance, offering to drop out of the mind and into the wisdom of the body and heart as we explore the different rhythms of life in this free-form spiritual dance practice!

Ecstatic Dance  is a powerful movement meditation practice of listening and following the rhythm of our spirit, integrating our physicality, inner awareness, spirituality and feelings.

Ecstatic Dance movements are a powerful, simple and expressive map for releasing improvised spontaneous movement and dance. This work, also known as The Wave, was developed by Gabrielle Roth over 30 years of teaching experimental dance and theatre.

At its most basic level the practice offers the benefits of balanced physical exercise. We move through a wave of energy with five modes, or rhythms, of improvised dance. This begins with gentle motion (flowing), gradually increasing the pulse rate (staccato), working up a sweat (chaos), luxuriating in it (lyrical) then coming to a place of positive and conscious relaxation (stillness). There are no steps to learn but each rhythm has a different energetic movement quality.

Ecstatic Dance offers the chance to free ourselves from inertia, to shift the habits and attitudes which keep us endlessly stuck in old patterns. and to feel our aliveness, discovering ourselves in a practical and non-judgemental way. We all have a deeper intelligence than the one we use in our daily mind, which we can discover in our bodies through movement. The practice of Ecstatic Dance supports and encourages ways in which to free up any trapped vitality to give ourselves more movement and more freedom in our lives. The more we can learn how to absorb and digest the power of all our experience the more fully and creatively we can live, the more fluid we become mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. In this work you dance what you feel, you are never dancing the wrong thing, but are encouraged to feel it, dance it, and eventually, when it changes, let it go. Your unique creativity and gifts are encouraged to emerge from behind your social persona, where they may be hiding.

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