* Vinyasa - Invigorating Flow*

Vinyasa invigorating Flow* Vinyasa Yoga ~ Invigorating Flow.

 10 am - 11:30 am

* 250 THB or Class Pass Inclusive

Feel welcomed to join us for a yoga class dedicated to an invigorating yoga flow working with standing yoga balances and core transitonal work.

Vinyasa Invigorating Flow yoga intergrates traditonal hatha vinyasa sequencing and may include not traditional no-hands vinyasa flows to awaken parts of the body that are not utilized in aclassical yoga flow.

 In this creative vinyasa flow class we introduce variations to compliment and awaken our legs, core and back body.

Join us in Chiang Mai's Old city for a multi-level yoga invigorating and fun Vinyasa Flow Class.

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