* Evening Vinyasa Flow

evening vinyasa core and stability

*Evening Vinyasa Yoga Flow

5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

* 250 THB or Class Pass Inclusive.

This evening vinyasa yoga class is best suited for  yoga students with foundations of asana.  

In this drop-in vinyasa yoga class, we move through a slow grounding and playful yoga practice exploring variations of asana and our connection to breath and movement.

Evening Vinyasa Yoga Flow focuses on creating the awakening spark of  fire (tapas) in the body through vinyasa yoga sequencing , connecting to core and  stability by stitching together vinyasa movement into standing balancing postures.  Evening Vinyasa Yoga completes in  a down regulating deep surrender, leaving the body feeling detoxified and the breath steady and balanced.

Feel welcomed to join us for  Multi-level drop-in yoga class in Chiang Mai Old City.

Class Focus: Core work, vinyasa, dynamic flow,  balance and stability, playful and warm inviting yoga class through a energizing yoga class, hands-on adjustments when welcomed.

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