^Earth Vinyasa Special Focus

earth vinyasa fusion flow * Earth Spiritual Vinyasa Flow

10:00 am - 11:30 am

^ 300 B or Class Pass and 50 THB Top up.

* Earth Vinyasa  Fusion Flow a pattern of yoga focusing on asana and Pranayama to maximise your body's strength and breathes fullness. 

This multi-level Special Focus vinyasa yoga class is designed tol flow with the practitioners' ability, taking the student to the edge with intelligence and awareness.

This Vinyasa class is practiced in 3 parts - awareness to breath, working with toning the muscles utilized in foundational postures and joint mobility. 

We begin this class with slow movement working with our joints and muscle to arrive into a fuller more connected yoga practice as we slowly move towards more expressive and varied postures.

Join us on the mat in this multi-level yoga class with Earth.

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