*Vinyasa Flow with Anny

 vinyasa yoga chaing mai * Energetic Vinyasa Flow

10:00 am - 11:30 am

* 250 HB or Class Pass Inclusive


Move in harmony and connection with the body and mind through prana (life force .  

In this Energetic Vinyasa yoga flow class we work with strength and stability and unite the expressions of intermediate  asana as shaped through the breath in balanced relationship of life force and yoga expression. 

This class will move through a dynamic morning yoga flow integrating pranayama and asana as focal points in a continual vinyasa flow.  Join us as we move through a morning energetic vinyasa flow.

@Please be aware of the classes levels when scheduled on given days:

 - Mon - Wed: Gentle slow to Intermediate

- Thurs or Fri: Intermediate Lvel 2-3, Dynamic working with strength, endurance and dynamic postures.

- Sat. or Sun: Multi-level with a combination of dynmaic and invigorating postures.

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