Class Category: Special Focus Vinyasa Yoga

Special Focus Vinyasa Yoga Classes at Wild Rose Yoga Chiang Mai are designed to explore and express vinyasa yoga postures in unique and energetic yoga flows while maintaining a specific special focus set for that particular class.

* Water Vinyasa Yoga Flow Kru. Rose

Class Pass Inclusive  or 250 THB B Drop-in Wild Rose Yoga Studio, Chiang Mai, Thailand.   Join us for Water Vinyasa Yoga Flow practice. This yoga class has cooling  yin yoga elements to dynamic yang yoga flow. In this yoga class we begin with grounding and connecting with the breath and body. Water Vinyasa Yoga Flow draws from taoist elements combined with yoga. Join us for a yoga class infused with non-linear movements through weaves, pulses and undulations and variations of water salutations.  Come an explore the body and mind connection and a new way of moving in your yoga practice. A yoga class best suited for students with an understanding of basic yoga asana foundations.      

^Earth Vinyasa Special Focus

       ^Class Pass Inclusive + 50B Top Up or 300 B Drop-in Wild Rose Yoga Studio, Chiang Mai, Thailand.   Join us for Earth Vinyasa Special Focus class. This class is an intermediate level vinyasa class and focuses on a deep and energizing vinyasa flow. This vinyasa yoga class flows into expressions such as, arm balances, chin stands, back bends and inversions integrated into the vinyasa flow. Earth Vinyasa yoga class draws elements of mantra, pranayama and a creative  and vinyasa yoga class. Welcome to this drop-in yoga class and explore the depths of your yoga practice.

^Master Vinyasa Flow Kru. Dutchi

^Class Pass Inclusive + 50B Top Up or 300 B Drop-in Wild Rose Yoga Studio, Chiang Mai, Thailand.   Deepen your yoga practice in this Master Vinyasa Yoga Flow Class with master yoga  teacher Kru. Dutchi. This vinyasa yoga class combines years of teaching and yoga trainings in a multi-level yoga class.  Come and practice with Kru. Dutchi to learn  tips for a more connected and aware yoga practice. We welcome you to awaken the potential of your yoga practice in a creative, passion filled and fun vinyasa yoga class.

+Ashtanga Fusion Vinyasa Yoga Kru. Dutchi

  +Yoga Class Pass + 100 THB Top Up  or  300 THB Drop-In Wild Rose Yoga Studio, Chiang Mai, Thailand.   This Ashtanga Fusion Vinyasa Yoga Class is taught by master yoga teacher Kru. (teacher) Dutchi.  This intermediate to advanced level yoga class is part vinyasa and part yoga posture practicum.  In this vigorous yoga class, students move through a strong dynamic yoga flow that integrates pranayama, vinyasa, arm balances  and inversion.   

*Lunar Vinyasa Yoga Flow Kru. Annie

*Class Pass Inclusive or 250 THB Wild Rose Yoga Studio, Chiang Mai, Thailand.   Join us for a start of the week, early evening Lunar Vinyasa Yoga Flow "all levels" drop-in yoga class. In this yoga class we combine pranayama, asana movement and mantra, as we will move through a rhythmic yoga flow.  Lunar Vinyasa Flow focuses on stability of the feet, legs and the strength of the core. This yoga class may include yoga practicum and yoga partner-work to experience a deeper connection to our yoga asana practice. An all  levels yoga class in Chiang Mai.