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Please take a look at the Wild Rose Yoga Chiang Mai class schedule and course offerings below to find the class style, level or yoga teacher you are looking for.  Feel free to join us for a yoga practice and you will undoubtedly understand our deep respect and esteem for the talented, passionate and truly น้ำใจ [heart water ] (Nam Jai) Def. {kind & generous} Chiang Mai yoga teachers sharing their knowledge, warmth and humor with us – Monday through Sunday at Wild Rose Yoga, in the heart of the Old City, Chiang Mai Thailand.





Gate Opens 30 Minutes Before Scheduled Class 

March 23, 2020 - March 29, 2020


Tuesday (March 24, 2020)
Wednesday (March 25, 2020)
Thursday (March 26, 2020)
Friday (March 27, 2020)
Saturday (March 28, 2020)
Sunday (March 29, 2020)

March 23, 2020 - March 29, 2020

5 Class Pass 1, 000 thb
10 Class Pass 1, 900 thb
*Class Pass eligible
^Class Pass +50 THB TOP UP
+Class Pass +100 THB TOP UP
Note: Yoga Classes are generally scheduled about 1 month in advance
Class Passes are non refundable non transferable  & good for 5 weeks
Please visit yoga schedule to check for any class changes or updates

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MASTER YOGA CLASS SERIES with Kru. Dutchi is an intermediate to advanced yoga class. 12:00- 14:00 ( 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm) 400 Baht (early bird) up to 3 days before schedule class 500 Baht Regular Pre-Registration & Payment Required before master class date. Limited Space Available Join us for MASTER YOGA CLASS SERIES w/ Kru Dutchi at Wild Rose Yoga...

Rise and Shine Vinyasa Morning Flow with Kru. May

* 250 Baht Drop-in or Class Pass Inclusive NO BOOKING FOR DROP-IN CLASSES, PLEASE ARRIVE 30 MINS. BEFORE A CLASS. Wild Rose Yoga Studio, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Join us for Rise and Shine Vinyasa Morning Flow with Kru. May.  This All yoga levels morning class will awaken your breath and body through a energizing vinyasa yoga flow. Kru. May will...

Recent Reviews on Google

  • review rating 5  Seriously one of the best yoga studios that you will ever visit. Great instructors in a beautiful, soulful vintage Chiang-Mai space. It's charming and unique. A must-try experience if you're a yogi in Thailand.

    thumb John Anderson

    review rating 5  Great place with good vibes and atmosphere. The staff is lovely. I went to Annie's Ashtanga class and it was wonderful. A great teacher who was able to give personal attention to each practitioner even though the class was full. Definitely recommended

    thumb יהב אילוק
  • review rating 5  Great place with good vibes and atmosphere. The staff is lovely. I went to Annie's Ashtanga class and it was wonderful. A great teacher who was able to give personal attention to each practitioner even though the class was full. Definitely recommended

    thumb יהב אילוק

    review rating 5  This is one of the best yoga studios I've ever been to. The staff are so friendly and helpful and the places exudes calm and respect for everyone. I did the 8am Tuesday class with Kru Annie and I loved every second of it. She is a wonderful teacher who encourages you to explore your breathing and the capabilities of your body. I left the class feeling refreshed, relaxed and inspired. I wish I was staying longer in Chiang Mai so that I could come back here every day. Thank you!

    thumb Sinéad Browne
  • review rating 5  The most magical yoga studio in Chiang mai. The owner, Rose goes about creating the most amazing energy and atmosphere in this beautiful teal house. The teachers are incredible and the classes always challenge and enlighten. Do yourself a favor and check out a class here- it doesn’t really matter which one since they’re all awesome.

    thumb Helen MacMillan

    review rating 5  I attended a few classes while my stay in Chiang Mai and it was amazing. Demanding but suitable for all levels. I highly recommend for everyone.

    thumb Ewelina Szwal
  • review rating 5  Loved my time in Chiang Mai and loved that I found this wonderful Yoga studio in the heart of Old City. The ambiance and decor is so relaxing. Along with their extremely knowledgeable teachers and staff. Maycharita is so kind and sweet. She leads an amazing class with plenty of options for all levels.Will definitely be coming back to Wild Rose Yoga next year when I visit again Chiang Mai again

    thumb Frank Bonilla

    review rating 5  While in Chiang Mai, this was the first yoga place I visited, and I‘ve enjoyed it a lot. Very dedicated staff, the classes are demanding and probably not for beginners, but for me it was uplifting and inspiring. The morning classes can get full, so come with some time in advance and bring moscito repellent. The class room is simple and quiet and you can focus on your poses and follow the teacher easily. I have tried different instructors and I was always satisfied. Thank you !

    thumb Adrian Popp
  • review rating 5  Totally in love with this school! Practice is deep and inspiring. Rose always meet you with her best smile! Kru Annie's lesson is suitable for any levels, she always gives an option of poses to beginer and intermediate students. She is so amazing! And also i strongly recommend to visit Dutch's classes to all who wants more advanced practice. The more i come here the more i feel like i finally find home❤️

    thumb Marina Zvyagina

    review rating 5  Probably the best yoga studio in c.m. Teachers-owners are AMAZING humans. Every time that i m coming in that place since i m coming in c.m. every year, i ve the feeling that i m coming back home. Highly recommended!!!

    thumb Nikolaos Karras F. I.
  • review rating 5  The instructor was great and had amazing energy and good vibes. The class was challenging and quite the workout. I think it was the owner who was also assisting in the class. We showed up a little late because of traffic and they let us in. I was also getting bitten by a lot of mosquitos and they were so apologetic and sprayed me and gave me cream to put on my bites! I highly recommend.

    thumb Christine Huynh

    review rating 5  Amazing place where explore what is moving inside of you to find yourself and take this awareness and peace to your life. One sentence I learnt there was "how you are in the yoga mat is how you are in your life" I found part of my inner peace in wild rose and now I wear this inner peace in my life.

    thumb Lourdes Montiel Peñalver
  • review rating 5  Great place, this is where I'll be practicing yoga every time I'm living in Chiang Mai. Teachers are amazing and very supportive, pushing me to do things I never knew I could do! See you often 😊

    thumb Michael Keller

    review rating 5  Truly a magical place. All the classes here are amazing, with dedicated and skillful teachers. The owner is so sweet, a home away from home. I loved it so much I came back for their teacher training and I am loving it!

    thumb Veronica Dos Santos
  • review rating 5  This place is really nice. I did a drop-in class. I really love the traditional wooden house for yoga class. Annie is encouraging and patient to teach each of us, students. She makes sure everyone of us can do whatever yoga pose that is possible at our level. A bit challenging for me but I will keep it up. Thanks a lot!

    thumb Joan Kwong

    review rating 5  I rated five stars for the following reasons: The location is very good, in the city center but still in a very quiet location, the place itself is clean with a very pleasant atmosphere, the teacher was excellent and professional and attentive to all the students in the class.

    thumb Rami Cohen
  • review rating 5  I took at RYT200 hr. training course at Wild Rose Yoga and loved it! Rose creates a nurturing, tranquil, and comfortable space to practice and learn, especially with all of the fresh flowers! I was constantly inspired by the teachers and always felt welcomed and supported. I've learned a lot through the training and I feel confident in my ability to begin teaching classes but also curious to further my knowledge based off of this strong foundation. Thank you! It is a place and experience that I will always cherish!

    thumb Haley Westmoreland

    review rating 5  Very inclusive and open to all levels of practice. The instructors were so warm and welcoming and although the class was challenging, it somehow managed to cater to all abilities. Building itself is beautiful and serene. Highly recommend.

    thumb Elian Adams
  • review rating 5  I had a great time at a yoga class here. The studio was recommended to me by a girl I met while traveling - and I'm so glad she did! It was packed with people (my only negative), one girl was doing the class from the hallway! But it was a great vibe and the teacher was fun but helped explain things. I'd definitely come again with more time in Chiang Mai!

    thumb naomi mason

    review rating 5  Ohhhh so good! I bought a package of 5 classes for my 5-day vacation and I visited EVERY MORNING at 10am! The teachers are wonderful, experienced and we do INVERSIONS in every class. Beginners (me!) totally welcome and although I can't do inversions, I felt I could keep up with the class. FYI I am quite flexible and I work out a lot, so these classes are doable for me. The teachers are just so lovely. English is not their first language but they try their best to explain every pose. They ALWAYS end the class by thanking everyone for sharing their positive energy. Rose speaks fluent English and she comes into the class mid-way to put essential oils on everyone, and she gives tips for the total beginners (ex. help them bend their knees so they can hold the poses longer, gently ask them to relax their shoulders when arms are raised). Doing yoga every morning in Thailand was the highlight of my trip!! Thank you so much Wild Rose Studio for providing this peaceful space!

    thumb Kathy Ho