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Class Category: Slow Flow Vinyasa

Slow Flow Vinyasa s a hatha vinyasa yoga class open to all yoga levels that moves more slowly and maintaining yoga postures for a longer period of time. In Slow Flow Vinyasa yoga classes we take more time to feel the postures and to breath more deeply to allowing a deeper opening, awareness and muscle memory to take place.

*Slow Flow Vinyasa with Kru. Annie

* 250 Baht Drop-in or Class Pass Inclusive Starting Jan. 2022 PRE-BOOKING RECOMMENDED PLEASE ARRIVE 30 MINS. BEFORE A CLASS. Wild Rose Yoga Studio, Chiang Mai, Thailand. Welcome to Slow Flow Vinyasa with Kru. Annie, a multi- level  drop-in yoga class. In this yoga class Kru. Annie guides you through a mindful and well balanced vinyasa class that includes mantra,...


Wild Rose Yoga Global Community Benefit  Class   ZOOM LIVE STREAM SLOW DEEP YOGA FLOW with SANDRINE   By paypal Donation to : [email protected] OR Meeting ID: 226 723 7608   SUN. JUNE 7th 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM, CHAING MAI TIME 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM, LONDON UK Join us for one hour of slow deep yoga flow,...