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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Old City SouthSide Yoga Kula

Behind Chiang Mai Gate Market

Your Chiang Mai Yoga Journey begins here…

The Old City Southside has some small and charming historical streets within the Old City Walls between the Chiang Mai Gate Market, Saturday Night Market and the Buak Hard Park – containing hidden among them many small discoveries to explore.  However, when in the Chiang Mai Old City, the small sois, (streets) can be very confusing if you are visiting for the first time or even live outside the Old City.  Here are some tips for finding some of the best yoga teachers in Chiang Mai during your stay, while also exploring those charming Old City Southside sois, (streets) we happily use every day.

Note: Be sure to show up at least 15 or 20 minutes in advance for all yoga classes in order to guarantee a space. Gates open 30 minutes before all yoga class start times. No reservation needed for daily drop-in yoga classes.

LOOKING FOR Wild Rose Yoga Studio?

~look for small signs along the way to guide you~

 Directions Tips & Parking


Directions to yoga studio from Prapokklao Road

Turn onto Prapokklao Soi 4 – across across from the Grill of India.

You will see Alleyway Juice Bar and Siam Commercial Bank at the beginning of Prapokklao Soi 4.

Proceed 50 Meters down Prapokklao Soi 4, and turn left onto Prapokklao Soi 4/1.

Proceed 50 Meters down Prapokklao Soi 4/1 until you see Wild Rose Yoga Studio on your left.

Look for the big red gate!

From Prapokklao Soi 2 Chiang Mai Gate Morning Market

Find us from Prapokklao Road Soi 2,  near Morning Glory Vegan Restaurant.

Cross the street opposite Morning Glory to enter the morning market on Prapokklao Road  Soi 2

Find the tiny alleyway in the middle of the Chiang Mai Gate Morning Market on Prapokklao Soi 2 after searching for your early morning fruit.  It’s narrow and begins at the edge of a tall big brick wall from a nearby hotel.

Proceed down the alley off Prapokklao Soi 2 for about 20 meters and Wild Rose Yoga Studio will be on your first immediate right.

Look for the big red gate!

From Prapokklao Soi 4

Proceed down Prapokklao Soi 4, away from Good Morning Chiang Mai and Wat Pan Whaen Temple Massage and take a right onto Prapokklao Soi 4/1. Proceed 50 Meters down Prapokklao Soi 4/1 until you reach the Wild Rose Yoga Studio.

Look for the big red gate.

(if you reach main Prapokklao Road you missed your turn  go back on Soi 4 for  50 Meters to Soi 4/1)


From Yoga in the Park

Choice # 1 – Proceed out the front entrance of the Nong Buak Hard Park and head left away from the mountain and Doi Suthep Temple.

      • Go towards the South Gate & Chiang Mai Gate Market.
      • Turn left on Prapokklao Road at Chiang Mai Gate (Pratu Chiang Mai).
      • Proceed 50 Meters on Prapokklao and turn left at Prapokklao Soi 4.
      • Proceed 50 Meters and turn left on Prapokklao Soi 4/1.
      • Proceed 50 Meters to Wild Rose Yoga Studio.
      • Look for big red gate.



Tips for Finding Us

Tip # 1 Lost on small sois (streets)?

Lost in the small sois (streets) of the old city on your way to our yoga studio?

When using Google Maps, if you are using the “walking optiontry switching to “car option“.

This may add a few minutes to you travels, but will mostly eliminate the smaller sois, (streets), and show only the main roads, making finding the yoga studio easier.

TIP # 2 Using GRAB Taxi or Tuk Tuk?

Using a GRAB or Tuk Tuk?  Consider these options.

Get out at Prapokklao Road Soi 4 and walk last 2 minutes to studio ….but first enjoy a shot of wheat grass or a smoothy at Alleyway Juice Bar, (at the end of soi 4) (free wifi) (great GRAB Taxi pick up point too)  OR

Get out at Prapokklao Soi 2.     And enjoy Chaing Mai GateMorning” Market  – then walk the rest of the short distance to Wild Rose Yoga Studio. (market runs from about 6:00 am – 10:30 am)

Cars and Tuk Tuks often speed by, missing small turns and also get stuck in the narrow old city streets around our yoga studio.

Tip # 3 Are you terrible with directions?

Are you just terrible with directions?

No problem!   Just find your way to the famous Clay Studio Cafe on Prapokklao Soi 2 Morning Market Street.

From the Clay Studio Cafe, it just a very short walk “halfway” down the Prapokklao Soi 2 Chiang Mai Gate Morning Market Street.

And then head left up the “very narrow alleyway” leading directly to the back of the Wild Rose Yoga Studio.

Look for the big red gate on right!  (motorbikes, bicycles, and people only in alley)


Bicycle & Motorcycle Parking at Studio

Bicycle & Motorcycle Parking at Studio

At the studio, inside the red gate, Wild Rose Yoga Studio provides space for bicycle and motorcycle parking.  Gates open 30 minutes before a scheduled yoga class and are closed during class times. Please do not park in street in front of gate.  The small, narrow market entrance alleyway may also be used for studio parking.

CAR Parking on Street

Street Parking

On Prapokklao Road, street parking is permitted.  Please observe correct side of street dates.

CAR Parking Fon Soy Temple

Temple Parking

During business hours of most every day – minus temple celebrations, parking in the Fon Soy temple on Prapokklao is allowed for a small fee of (20 thb to park), pay to the elderly parking lady. 

*Note, please dress appropriately when parking or cutting through the temple.  And if you block someone in, please leave door unlocked and car in neutral. 

Find us through back gate of temple – two minute walk to our yoga studio.

CAR Parking Behind Noodle Shop

Behind Noodle Shop Parking

Noodle Shop is located on Prapokklo Road, across from the Fon Soy temple.     

Large parking lot behind Wooden Noodle Shop House. 

(20 thb to park) (lots of spaces and lighting and open late)

After parking, walk directly across Prapokklao Road

And cut through the Fon Soy temple, if daytime.

and out the temple back gate to the studio. 

You will be at the back door locals entrance to Wild Rose Yoga Studio.   

If you are attending an evening yoga class and the temple is aleady closed,  you can simply stroll from the parking lot to Prapokklao Soi 4 or Prapokklao Soi 2 …., both will lead you to the yoga studio.  

And if you get lost,  just breathe and remember……..

Not until we are lost do we truly begin to understand our selves    Thoreau

……. or call us using the call button in the footer at the bottom of our website!  wild rose yoga