A Drop-in yoga class at Wild Rose Yoga Chiang Mai is an open yoga classes and thus all are welcome to join.  No reservation is required for a drop-in yoga class at Wild Rose Yoga Studio.  Please show up at the studio about 15 minutes before the class start times on the Wild Rose Yoga Class Calendar during the low season (Mar. – Oct.) and 30 minutes before the scheduled class start times during the high season, (Nov. – Feb.).  Drop-in yoga students are free to choose the daily rate for a single class rather than take advantage of the more affordable class pass option.



A beginner yoga class at Wild Rose Yoga Chiang Mai will be marked as “beginner” next to the yoga class level.  Most yoga classes at Wild Rose Yoga Studio are intermediate to advanced but if you find a class marked as open to beginner yoga students, then the class welcomes anyone wishing to explore yoga – even for the first time.  It is however important to always consider any pre-existing conditions, injuries or other factors that may affect one’s safety in a yoga practice and to let the yoga teacher know if necessary.



An intermediate yoga class at Wild Rose Yoga Chiang Mai is recommended for yoga students and teachers with some basic experience and understanding of the foundational postures of a yoga practice, simple alignment and the connection between breath and movement.  In an intermediate level yoga class at Wild Rose Yoga Studio  – advanced practitioners, (or intermediate students wishing to explore their practice further), –  attending these classes,  may be offered additional options and expressions – beyond the intermediate level.

Intermediate students should always remember that they are free to remain in more accessible intermediate postures or enjoy other students expressions – or even take a moment to rest – while the instructor presents these advanced options.



A Multi-Level Yoga Class at Wild Rose Yoga Chiang Mai, is a yoga class working with intermediate to advanced yoga students. 
In these  types of yoga classes,  students should have a cultivated yoga practice with solid understanding of foundational yoga asana, (postures), and an awareness of what is needed within their own variations of peak yoga asana, (postures).
A yoga class suited for more experienced yoga students.



An advanced yoga class at Wild Rose Yoga Chiang Mai is designed for those yoga students and teachers with a strong understanding of foundational yoga asana, breathwork and a familiarity with more advanced postures – safety and alignment.




For any class or event marked pre-book on the Wild Rose Yoga Studio Class Calendar, pre-registration and pre-payment is required to attend. Pre-book may be used for workshops, courses or trainings with limited space or very popular and likely to be sold out in advance.  To pre-book any event at Wild Rose Yoga Studio, please contact us through the Wild Rose Yoga contact page.