The History of Yoga Discussion – By Donation

Yoga student at Wild Rose Yoga Studio in the Old City center of Chiang Mai Thailand with hands in anjali mudra after a yoga class.
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The History of Yoga Discussion – By Donation

PRE-BOOKING NOT REQUIRED Please arrive 15 mins before discussion begins- Gate closes to the public once we begin the discussion


Wild Rose Yoga Studio, Chiang Mai, Thailand

We welcome you to join us for a donation based discussion on the history of yoga.

We will discuss  the roots of yoga, how yoga has been adapted over time and the various schools and philosophies that have been cultivated through its powerful lens. 

You will leave with a greater understanding of why you feel so much better when you take a thoughtful and intentional yoga class and may even be inspired to take a yoga teacher training

Pre-Booking Required For All Classes


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 Open: February 10, 2023

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