ZOOM LIVE STREAM DANCEmandala with Areeradh – Moving Stillness Meditation

Dancemandala Chiang Mai for Wild Rose Yoga Global Community Benefit
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ZOOM LIVE STREAM DANCEmandala with Areeradh – Moving Stillness Meditation

Wild Rose Yoga Global Community Benefit  Class

By donation to the Gofundme Wild Rose Yoga Campaign  or paypal donations to: [email protected]

ZOOM LIVE STREAM DANCEmandala with Areeradh ~  Moving Stillness Meditation (LIVE) online Benefit for Wild Rose Yoga 


DANCEmandala is a gentle guided movement meditation that encourage you to explore your natural movement, awareness of breath, ease of being, and the flow of thoughts. A mindfulness and embodiment practice through movement expression, celebration and mental observation. A cultivation of inner freedom, connection and community.

Everyone is welcomed. Advance registration required.

Read more: dancemandala.com

To prepare for your experience with DANCEmandala online, please read the note below.

Before attending our online class
Set up for a stable internet connection. A good wifi signal is necessary. We would also recommend using ethernet cable to connect your internet router to your device if possible as it will help stabilise your internet signal.
Set up with a good quality speaker, connect it to your phone or a laptop through USB cable or mini jack. This gives more stable and better audio and movement experience when compared to using built in computer speaker, a bluetooth connection or wireless head phone. Another good option is to connect your headphone with mini jack or USB cable to your device. For this option, you may want to get an extension cable so to give yourself more room to move.

Consider connecting your device to a smart TV (if you have one) This can expand the experience of being in the ‘space’ together with others participants greatly compared to using your phone.
Get to know the audio set up/preference on ZOOM meeting platform and make sure your camera works to save your time and avoid unnecessary frustration.

Prepare your room so you can move around easily and safely. Have a cushion, blanket ready for your sitting and relaxation is a good idea too.

During the Meditation
As you log in to the session, you will be welcomed into the waiting area until it’s time to start the session. A reminder that you must be able to attend the whole session.

Music and guidance will be heard through ZOOM. Just log in and adjust the volume of sounds coming to your earphones or speaker to the level that is comfortable for you. Please note that when you adjust the volume you are adjusting both the level of the guidance and the music.

To keep the audio quality clear we will mute your microphone by default and this will be un-muted at the sharing circle.
Each of us will experience the sound quality differently as it depends also on the device that you use.

Pre-Booking Required For All Classes


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 Open: May 31, 2020

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