“ May what I do flow from me like a river, no forcing and no holding back, the way it is with children.”  ~ Rainer Maria Rilke ~



Come let us welcome you to Wild Rose Yoga Studio Chiang Mai Thailand, located in the southside of Chiang Mai Old City, inside the ancient walls of the moat, behind the Chiang Mai Gate Market. In this traditional teak market house, in a Thai residential neighborhood, we await to welcome you and share all the joys, celebrations and passions we have for yoga, len yoga (เล่นโยคะ), play yoga with us!

In Thai, rather than ask if you “practice yoga”, we say: do you “play yoga“, เล่นโยคะมั้ย.  This perspective can lend itself to softening the edges of being overly serious and to finding more curiosity, more exploration and a deeper connection to the joy of yoga.

At Wild Rose Yoga Chiang Mai, we take the elements of play and the dedication of our years of yoga trainings and couple them to offer up intelligent, thoughtful and playful yoga practices. Even in play we have guidelines and means to support the yoga experience with both safety and awareness.

Play is vital in keeping connection to our unleashed potential in yoga expression, as well as our attitudes and perspectives, both on and off the mat.  Through play we may awaken joy and reconnect with the beginner’s mind of openness and curiosity. In inviting play into our yoga practice we move beyond expectation and demands and birth a newness into our yoga experience.

The sanskrit word for play is Līlā, also spelled Leela ( लीला ). The meaning is layered in the translation of joy, divine bliss, given sweetness or playful goodness according the shakta tradition. As we give ourselves permission to let go of attachments and instead replace it with curiosity, we enliven our yoga practice with a boost of freshness and creativity.

One of the beauties of a playful yoga practice, is that it allows for us to experience the layers of yoga in movement, breath, action, direction and the pathways of energy at “play” , as we flow and move with consciousness and connection. Being at play in our yoga practice brings us back into a rooted awareness, drawing us deeply into how we transition in our vinyasa yoga flows, what may be engaged in a more static hatha yoga class, or perhaps the feelings and sensations in our body, breath and mindset. When we let go  of attachments of what we should be attaining and surrender into the flow of the yoga experience, we are embraced by joyful bliss and a freedom in yoga.

Beginner’s Yoga Mind, takes us into a yoga practice of inquiry and attention, and can guide us to leaving out the “shoulds” of a yoga asana practice, opening us up to, “what would happen if I try this instead”. Foundations of yoga like stacking the bones in chaturanga, two-directional lengthening (axial extension) of the spine in sukhasana or seated meditation and common safety in moving with awareness in dynamic vinyasa yoga classes are means to keeping us at ease, fluid, healthy and balanced in our yoga asana practice.

Our yoga classes, yoga courses and yoga trainings at Wild Rose Yoga Studio Chiang Mai Thailand, are multi-layered and diverse to encourage the exploration of beginner’s yoga mind through movement, transitions and connection to a deeper and richer yoga experience. When we drop our preconceptions of “ shoulds” ,  tap into the tools we have learned in keeping a sound and balanced yoga practice, we open ourselves to explore new possibilities and choices in our yoga flow.

Thank You for taking the time to get to know us, we look forward to welcoming you to our thriving Chiang Mai Yoga Community. Please come and meet us and len yoga (เล่นโยคะ), play yoga with us. Yoga classes are all taught in English and we encourage you to come and take this opportunity to share your yoga practice with local Thai teachers exploring and sharing their joy and passion for yoga. We look forward to sharing these multi-dimensional, layered yoga classes with you.

Join us for just a drop-in yoga class or invest in your yoga experience by choosing one of our yoga pass options. Our classes are suited for yoga students that are interested in a wide variety of yoga perspectives from pranayama, mantra, meditation and movement, yoga anatomy, yin yang yoga flow and ayurvedic yoga just to mention a few yoga classes offered at our yoga studio.