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Class Category: Ashtanga Influenced Vinyasa

This yoga class synchronizes breath and movement through a set series of asanas (postures) influenced from Ashtanga Primary Series.

Though our breath work and vinyasa flow we awaken heat and rid the body of toxins for a more vibrant body- mind connection.  

*Ashtanga Influenced Vinyasa Kru. Annie

* 250 Baht Drop-in or Class Pass Inclusive NO BOOKING FOR DROP-IN CLASSES, PLEASE ARRIVE 30 MINS. BEFORE A CLASS. Wild Rose Yoga Studio, Chiang Mai, Thailand.   Join us for Ashtanga Influenced Vinyasa Yoga Class with Kru. Annie.  Start the day with a multi-level yoga class emphasised to improve your vinyasa  yoga practice.  In this yoga class we integrate Primary...